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ST application note for CDI http://kanguro.motoani.co.uk/documents/st_an819.pdf 4769
CAPACITOR, 2.2UF 400V http://uk.farnell.com/jsp/endecaSearch/partDetail.jsp?SKU=4002210&N=401 3036
Farnell page for a high peformance capacitor suitable for using in a Morini CDI.
La Strega http://www.strega.de/ 2201
For all friends of the motorcycles by Alfonso Morini. A german club.
InMoto Ltd http://www.inmoto.com/ 2045
At IN MOTO we are passionate about Italian Motorcycles. we are now Aprilia and Moto Guzzi UK Official Dealers and we still operate on the classic market and stock a lot of the big classic italian names like Benelli, Ducati, Laverda, Moto Morini and Moto Guzzi to name a few. Servicing and restoration work carried out on all Italian motorcycles and through our numerous Italian contacts we are able to source most parts even for old and new Italian motorcycles.
Dutch Club's info on the Morini Igntion System http://www.motomoriniclub.nl/tech.html#Morini%20ignition%20system 2015
The Morini ignition: a pain in the ****? Not necessary, if you read this article carefully :-) Some good links here too
Application note for CDI http://kanguro.motoani.co.uk/documents/motorola_AN4006.pdf 2005
Outline design for a microprocessor controlled CDI system
Morini Riders' Club http://www.morini-riders-club.com 1856
A UK-based organisation that has supported Morini riders since the 1970s when the V-twins were first imported into the UK.
C106 thyristor datasheet http://kanguro.motoani.co.uk/documents/c106.pdf 1844
North Leicester Motorcycles http://www.motomorini.co.uk 1772
The major bike and spares dealer in England.
TAG application note http://www.tagelectronics.co.uk/Products/Application/Ignition%20Coils.asp 1770
This company site outlines some of the differences between CDI, Kettering and TSI systems.


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