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Vape Electronic Ignition Supplies http://www.vape.cz/ 2005-04-15
Manufacturer of rotors, stators and CDI units. Mainly used for MZs but have been adapted for use on Morinis.
La Strega http://www.strega.de/ 2005-03-18
For all friends of the motorcycles by Alfonso Morini. A german club.
Wolfgang Tritsch http://mitglied.lycos.de/wtritsch/ 2005-03-18
A specialist in aftermarket items for classic Italian bikes.
Electronic Igintion Overview http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/JET_AV8R/Vision/Ignition/CDI.HTML 2005-03-16
A helpful review summarising the properties of the common ignition systems.
Morini - Zündung http://www.italoclassicbikes.de/downl/zuendung/morini-zuendung.htm#adap 2005-03-15
A description (in German) of nicely made 'transducers' and a pickup amplifier. Note that the capacitor value is now believed to be better at 2.2uF rather than 1uF
TAG application note http://www.tagelectronics.co.uk/Products/Application/Ignition%20Coils.asp 2005-03-15
This company site outlines some of the differences between CDI, Kettering and TSI systems.
Honda TransAlp CDI http://www.transalp.de/technik/pd-technik/reparaturen/zuendbox.php 2005-03-15
The circuit and problems of the CDI systems used on the Transalp (In German).
CAPACITOR, 2.2UF 400V http://uk.farnell.com/jsp/endecaSearch/partDetail.jsp?SKU=4002210&N=401 2005-03-15
Farnell page for a high peformance capacitor suitable for using in a Morini CDI.
CDI for a model engine http://home.online.no/~jon-mj/cdi_ignition.htm 2005-03-15
Design and build of a simple CDI system with 'scope displays. Also neat PCB layouts for a PIC-based controller.
C106 thyristor datasheet http://kanguro.motoani.co.uk/documents/c106.pdf 2004-10-14


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